PAN and Aadhaar

This nation is increasingly becoming hostile to me and I feel like breaking out. My problem is I believe finger prints and Iris image are my personal information and I will not divulge it to the state. The ruler says in the interest of the state you will have to give it.

The state says “With the technology of Aadhar I will remove duplicate and this will be a critical step to make India a super power”

So let me question the belief of removal of duplicity that Aadhar is claimed to address.

There are duplicate ration cards, duplicate scholarship cards and what not. I believe the root cause of these duplicates is favouritism. Duplicates were issued with the connivance of the local Tasildhar, VAO under the direction of MLA, MP, minister… I believe even without collection of biometric data duplicates could be avoided if the authorities desired so.

With Aadhar power to issue duplicates has shifted from Tahsildar to the central government. The ruling government, currently the BJP will now decide who all can receive duplicates by issuing an order to the software engineer “Hello engineer the system might shows duplicates in my ward. Treat them as false positives’’ that is all. I don’t want to sound pessimistic of corruption and favouritism, but all conditions for that favouritism exists or to be exact increased because society has become more divided (on basis of caste, religion and language)  

The whole exercise that started with “Aadhar is voluntary” has now turned imposing and no other nation in the world has collected finger prints of its citizens. Even India I believe has rules to destroy the finger prints of prisoners after their release. But the rulers and the supreme court have infringed on the right to privacy. This is a blow to human right.

So my take away: rather that advising your children, “Just give your finger prints, what is there?” teach them reasoning. Then shall India will be on the path to a happier society.