Eminent doctor doubts usefulness of PPE

Eminent doctor Erode, strikes back, this time against the PPE, but has a strong belief on a N95 mask with proper fit and with good donning and doffing manners to protect form corona. Last week only two people entered the Stanley ICU Corona Ward humming with more than 50 HFNC, BiPAP, CPAPS without PPE. One was our Erode and the other Dean.

I was shocked when Erode told me this, but I have recovered and Erode is many a time right. I do not celebrate or adore his decision, but am just publishing his voice – at least a retrospective study should be done to test the efficacy of PPE, because it is not only grossly inconvenient, but as Erode says, careless doffing might be doing more harm than benefit.

As to how Erodes doffs his outfit after Corona duty will be another interesting and eye opening story, coming soon.