Eminent doctor doubts role of ventilator in curing COVID-19

Beyond social distancing and personal protection, what else can be done?

  1. Build a good lung capacity. You should sprint in the fresh morning and evening air. But unfortunately our policy makers think getting into a grocery shop is more essential that exercise or walk in a park. In this locked down situation consider jumping jacks, skipping, climbing up and down the stairs or any strenuous exercise to increase the lung capacity.
  2. Can yoga increase lung capacity? Definitely. Even though it is not as good as sternous exercise, it is always better than nothing.
  3. Blowing a balloon also hypertrophies your respiratory muscles. God forbid, it might also make the lung less susceptible to ventilator induced lung injury.
  4. Puffing a cigarette is very harmful. Smokers are more prone to ARDS when corona strikes. Similarly are people who are anomic to garbage smoke. Their lung has already been subjected to chronic injury.
  5. Don’t burn garbage and voice your objection to ignorant garbage burners in your neighbourhood.
  6. Build a good immune system. Well I don’t know how to advise on that. It is upto you. Breath clean air, eat fruits and vegetables. Avoid junk food….

God forbid, Corona strikes. What next.

If the immune system is good and does not allow it to lock to the ACE-2 receptor in the Type-2 alveolar epithelium or elsewhere, it is just a sub-clinical infection. Corona has come and gone with no indication

For others it might be fever, running nose and quick recovery.

The less fortunate are the ones who go into ARDS – widespread inflammation of the lungs preventing gas exchange and gradually increasing the oxygen debt. This is where a good lung capacity would help. Experimental drugs administered at this stage might or might not help as much as a good lung capacity.

If ARDS progresses from mild to moderate and oxygen debt increases some intervention has to be done. Hiflow oxygen or bi-level Positive pressure ventilation with 100% oxygen will definitely bring down the oxygen debt. If the patient is feeling better after 2 hours, wow, what a relief to the doctor.

If the oxygen debt continues to worsen is spite of 100% oxygen, then patient is invasively ventilated. Erode says and I also believe what invasive ventilation can do to decrease the oxygen debt. High tidal volume will induce lung injury. PEEP is said to improve oxygenation, but already  bi-level ventilation also gave PEEP, prevented collapse of alveoli bla bla. Anyways patient has to be ventilated and the press is full of news that ventilators save life. Who knows every sensation has an equal and opposite sensation and some weird correspondent might quote this and say, “Eminent doctor doubts role of  ventilator in curing COVID-19” !!

Well guys that eminent doctor is Erode.