Corona Virus

As a MBBS third year while presenting a case to Prof. Narasingan, I said “patient’s weight is 55 sir”. He immediately sneered. “55 cats, dogs or pigs doctor”? and gave a nasty laugh.

We were taught to be specific and precise. I wonder what Prof. SN would have commented on the nomenclature SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome)

Severe Acute Respiratory WHAT Syndrome doctor? Respiratory donkey like breathing syndrome or Respiratory coughing like cat syndrome? In medical grammatical parlance, SARS is a glaringly blunder. It has to be forgotten. But I am pained to hear it surfacing again for the Corona virus outbreak.

The chosen name “novel corona virus” is laughable again. Here is the story from IISc Bangalore. Many years ago they built a hostel and called it “New Hostel” After that they built one more and called it “New new hostel” Now there are “New New New New… Hostels” in IISc. Such is the pathetic naming standard in a cerebral express institute.

The given name “novel corona virus” is no different. Our children would scoff at us. They would ridicule “Apart from exhausting petrol and iron ore, our fathers were not able to think beyond themselves. What a selfish generation…”

Our forefathers said “the influenza virus has genetic drifts and genetic shifts” We are saying the “corona virus becomes novel”.

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