Our Story

What is different about our batch was that we left Stanley in 1994 unchanged exactly as we entered in 1988. During our years in Stanley, we not only laughed together, but also cried together as we comforted each other’s pain and suffering. In spite of the fact that we were never reluctant to voice our ferocious disagreements and opinions in private as well as public forums, we were able to unite as much as possible as a class and rally for common causes serving the greater good of Stanley and Medical Education on several occasions, as evidenced in the medicos strike 1990, SRMC students amalgation to Govt. College (1994), Graduation Day in 1995, resistance to desecration of college property by anti social elements.


  1. We are the prestigious first batch of Dr. MGR Medical University.
  2. Dr. Ganapathy was the Dean during our admission in 1988.
  3. Dr. V P Narayanan was the Dean during our completion in 1994.
  4. During our course we went for 3 North Indian trips – Darjeeling, Shimla and Nainital
  5. Students from our batch had remarkable talents and achievements in light music, sports, other cultural events and also in academic performance.

Our Approach

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